Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy

Dr. Victor Rusenescu, DPT is a native of Southern Orange County, California. He received his doctoral degree in 2007 from Loma Linda University. He started his passion for providing quality care in 1999 and has over 19 years’ experience in the field of physical therapy.

Victor is an athlete himself and lives a very active lifestyle, including cycling, running, golfing and tennis. He loves the outdoors and is empathetic to the injuries that sports and activities of daily livings can cause. Through his experiences, Victor knows what it takes to get through the aches and pains to be able to avoid surgeries, injections, or invasive procedures. He practices a holistic rehab process/approach daily, which is what he wants to teach and promote to his clients.

In addition to treating patients, Victor spends time building knowledge, both in physical therapy and related subjects such as sporting articles, food and diet recipes and new findings on techniques and strategies to continually advance his practice. This gives him the capacity and intuition to make clinical judgements and treatments to help specific clients when needed.

He and his wife, Janet, are committed to making a clinic based around helping others better themselves in regaining their everyday lives back. Janet is also in the healthcare field and works as a Perinatal RN at a local hospital. Together, Victor and Janet are dedicated to the service of helping others.

Why Us?

Our mission is to help individuals – one person, one client at a time.

Clients are the center of what we do – enabling optimal performance, enhancing health, well-being and quality of life.

Our goal is to help alleviate pain without the need of surgery or pain medication so one can embrace life living our motto “Live Life Now.” How do we do this? Our approaches are simple and set us apart from the rest.

We take an integrated approach to health care and strive to get to the root cause of the problem.

The Doctor of Physical Therapy spends an hour One on One session with each client. During the session, the Doctor listens to the clients’ needs and spends the quality time needed to develop a plan of care that is built around specific goals for success.

Every client is different, so when it comes to physical therapy it takes not only knowledge, but artistic skills to create best movement patterns that fit the client being treated.

We do not use the assistance of aides to help with the treatment or exercises. We are dedicated to optimizing results in less visits and take a natural/holistic approach to treatment. This results in decreased medication use and decreased need for invasive procedures and surgeries.



Free Screening Evaluations

  • Initial Patient Self-Evaluation Questionnaire
  • Physical exam with a Doctor of Physical Therapy to determine a PT diagnosis
  • A recommended plan of care

60 min Treatment Session

  • Recommended for Initial Evaluations and Consultations
  • Enables PT to get a comprehensive history and time to sit down with client to listen to patient regarding problems and goals of what can be accomplished with physical therapy.
  • Physical Evaluation Process and tests that determine diagnosis and recommended plan of care
  • Manual Therapy Intervention of specific injury to initiate recovery process
  • Clients will be given home treatment programs to begin process of self maintenance.

6 x 60min Treatment Sessions

  • Recommended for clients trying to avoid surgery or other invasive procedures
  • Sets a foundation for proper movement and function
  • Allows clients to begin recovery process and healing
  • Aides clients in ability to achieve short term goals

12 x 60min Treatment Sessions

  • Recommended for clients with longer recovery needs
  • Enables clients to build strong foundation for proper movement and function
  • Continued care for clients experiencing chronic pain and diseases
  • Post Operative Needs

Maintenance Program

  • Geared towards clients who want to come in one or twice a month for a tune-up
  • For clients who want to build better fitness and exercise habits
  • Clients who need continued hands on treatments to restore movement
  • Clients looking to achieve long term goals related to physical therapy and fitness

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